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EPS is easy to recycle and NO CFCs of HCFCs were ever used in EPS manufacture


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Aqua-Pak Testimonials

"It is critical to our business that our guests' fish make it home in the best possible condition. In the six years that we have used Aqua-Pak styro boxes, we have sent fresh and frozen fish to every continent in the world. Our guests are consistently pleased with the results and so are we. Aqua-Pak has made every effort to work with their box designs to fit as many of our needs as possible. And ... the advertising value of these boxes keeps on working for us after they have reached their destination. This is a great product!"

- Rick Chapple, Operations Manager
April Point Lodge & Fishing Resort

"Fish are important to our guests and they know we're serious about taking good care of them when we pack their fish in Aqua-Pak fish boxes for their journey home. It's been an important part of our first class treatment of our guests and their fish since 1988. Aqua-Pak's system keeps the fish cold and fresh, and gives us great advertising to boot! We highly recommend Aqua-Pak's products and services."

- John McCulloch, Manager,
Langara Fishing Lodge Ltd.

From: Mikki Smith - Frontier Packaging, Inc.
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 8:39 AM
To: Inez Kelly, Aqua-Pak
Subject: Last Seabear Truckload


I was just looking at my PO that I sent you for Seabear and realized that on the last item, the LS-4s, I have the same item twice when I meant to order both LS-4s and lids. After looking over our mailed invoice, I noticed that once again you read my mind, made the mental correction for me, and sent the customer exactly what they should've gotten.

This is merely a recent example of your fortitude and commitment to what you do. Without so much as a phone call to me, you made the adjustment seamless and I never heard about it. You are such an asset to me, Frontier, and Aqua-Pak. The ease that you add to the process is incomprehensible.

Thank you for everything you do everyday in every way.

I haven't the time or energy to express on a full scale how much I appreciate you and everything that you do to make life easier for me even when I make it more difficult for you (unintentionally of course.) Working with you is, and has always been a pleasure and a DELIGHT.

Thank you for paying attention to the details where others wouldn't.


Mikki Smith
Sales Coordinator
Frontier Packaging, Inc.
800.767.7333 office

Testimonials for Insulated Concrete Forms

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